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name:Tetramethylthiuram disulfide
Other names
Thiram (tetramethulthiuram disulfide)
Tetramethyl thiuram disulphide (TMTD)

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The algorithm applies nearest neighbor searching that finds molecules similar to the query object. The calculation applies the Tanimoto (or Jaccard) coefficient that is calculated by the following formula in the case of binary fingerprint (bit string) input: T(A,B) = NA&B/(NA+NB-NA&B) where NA and NB are the number of bits set in the bit strings of molecules A and B, respectively, NA&B is the number of bits that are set in both.

Inventory List where this chemical is present

DGENV EAS (490): DG ENV EDS Database (EU Research Projects)
TOXCAST PHASE I (309): US EPA ToxCast list - phase I (International Research Projects)
TOX21 LIST1 (8198): Tox21 Chemical Inventory for High-Throughput Screening (International Research Projects)
NTP CYTOTOX (1353): Compound Cytotoxicity Profiling Using Quantitative High-Throughput Screening (International Research Projects)
REACH REG (19180): Reach Registrations (Regulatory)
TOXCAST PHASE II (534): US EPA ToxCast list - phase II (International Research Projects)
EDC SIN List 2.0 (22): Substitute It Now List 2.0 (NGO)
ECVAM COSEU SKIN SENSITIZATION (16): Chemicals for the Development and Evaluation of In Vitro Methods for Skin Sensitisation Testing (Method Validation)
REACH PRS (143825): ECHA list of pre-registered substances (Regulatory)
ECVAMes_Positives List (723): ECVAM Ames Positives List: EURL ECVAM Genotoxicity and Carcinogenicity Database of Ames Positive Chemicals (JRC Projects)
Skin Sensitisation (269): Skin Sensitisation Dataset (JRC Projects)