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no structure available
name:Fatty acids, C16&C18-unsatd., polymers with bisphenol A, Bu glycidyl ether, epichlorohydrin&triethylenetetramine
Other names
fatty acids, C16 and C18 unsatd., polymers with bisphenol A, Bu glycidyl ether, epichlorohydrin and triethylenetetramine

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The algorithm applies nearest neighbor searching that finds molecules similar to the query object. The calculation applies the Tanimoto (or Jaccard) coefficient that is calculated by the following formula in the case of binary fingerprint (bit string) input: T(A,B) = NA&B/(NA+NB-NA&B) where NA and NB are the number of bits set in the bit strings of molecules A and B, respectively, NA&B is the number of bits that are set in both.

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REACH PRS (143835): ECHA list of pre-registered substances (Regulatory)
REACH REG (17396): Reach Registrations (Regulatory)