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REACH PRS: ECHA list of pre-registered substances On 19 December 2008, ECHA published a list of about 150,000 substances which had been pre-registered by 65,000 companies in the EU between 1 June and 1 December 2008. Last updated 10 May 2016 1 (143825 chemicals)
91995-39-0 295-300-3Distillates (petroleum), dewaxed heavy paraffinic, hydrotreated
91995-40-3 295-301-9Distillates (petroleum), dewaxed light paraffinic, hydrotreated
91995-41-4 295-302-4Distillates (petroleum), heat-soaked steam-cracked naphtha, C5-rich
91995-42-5 295-304-5Distillates (coal tar), heavy oils, pyrene fraction
91995-43-6 295-305-0Distillates (petroleum), heavy paraffinic, sulfurized
91995-45-8 295-306-6Distillates (petroleum), hydrocracked solvent-refined, dewaxed
91995-46-9 295-307-1Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated full-range
91995-47-0 295-308-7Distillates (petroleum), light paraffinic, sulfurized
91995-48-1 295-309-2Distillates (coal tar), naphthalene oils, acid exts.
91995-49-2 295-310-8Distillates (coal tar), naphthalene oil crystn. mother liquor
91995-50-5 295-311-3Distillates (petroleum), naphtha steam cracking-derived, hydrotreated light arom.
91995-51-6 295-312-9Distillates (coal tar), pitch, heavy oils
91995-52-7 295-313-4Distillates (coal tar), pitch, pyrene fraction
91995-53-8 295-315-5Distillates (petroleum), naphtha steam cracking-derived, solvent-refined light hydrotreated
91995-54-9 295-316-0Distillates (petroleum), solvent-refined light naphthenic, hydrotreated
91995-55-0 295-317-6Distillates (petroleum), steam-cracked residue, arom.
91995-56-1 295-318-1Hydrocarbons, C3-4-unsatd., depropanizer
91995-57-2 295-319-7Distillates (petroleum), steam-cracked residue, naphthalene-methylnaphthalene fraction
91995-58-3 295-320-2Distillates (petroleum), straight-run middle, sulfurized
91995-59-4 295-321-8Distillates, wood-tar
91995-60-7 295-322-3Ethers, C5-6-branched alkyl Me
91995-61-8 295-323-9Extract residues (coal), benzole fraction alk., acid ext.
91995-62-9 295-324-4Extract residues (coal), gasification, neutral fraction
91995-63-0 295-326-5Extract residues (coal), liquefaction light oil, neutral fraction
91995-64-1 295-327-0Extract residues (coal), liquefaction middle distillate, neutral fraction
91995-66-3 295-329-1Extract oils (coal), coal tar-residual pyrolysis oils, naphthalene oil, redistillate
91995-67-4 295-330-7Extracts (petroleum), C15-30-arom., hydrotreated
91995-68-5 295-331-2Extracts (petroleum), catalytic reformed light naphtha solvent
91995-70-9 295-332-8Extracts (petroleum), deasphalted vacuum residue solvent
91995-71-0 295-333-3Extracts (petroleum), gas oil solvent, chem. neutralized
91995-72-1 295-334-9Extracts (petroleum), gas oil solvent, hydrotreated
91995-73-2 295-335-4Extracts (petroleum), hydrotreated light paraffinic distillate solvent
91995-74-3 295-337-5Extracts (petroleum), light arom.-rich, naphtha steam cracking-hydrotreatment-derived
91995-75-4 295-338-0Extracts (petroleum), light naphthenic distillate solvent, hydrodesulfurized
91995-76-5 295-339-6Extracts (petroleum), light paraffinic distillate solvent, acid-treated
91995-77-6 295-340-1Extracts (petroleum), light paraffinic distillate solvent, hydrodesulfurized
91995-78-7 295-341-7Extracts (petroleum), light vacuum gas oil solvent
91995-79-8 295-342-2Extracts (petroleum), light vacuum gas oil solvent, hydrotreated
91995-80-1 295-343-8Fatty acids, C12-22, esters with 2,2'-[[3-(C12-18-alkylmethylamino)propyl]imino]bis[ethanol]
91995-81-2 295-344-3Fatty acids, C10-20&C16-18-unsatd., reaction products with triethanolamine, di-Me sulfate-quaternized
91995-82-3 295-345-9Fatty acids, castor-oil, 2,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-propanediyl esters
91995-83-4 295-346-4Fatty acids, castor-oil, tetraesters with pentaerythritol
91995-84-5 295-348-5Fatty acids, castor-oil, triesters with pentaerythritol
91995-85-6 295-349-0Fatty acids, C12-22, 2-(C12-18-alkylmethylamino)ethyl esters
91995-86-7 295-350-6Fatty acids, C16-18, 3-(2,3-dihydroxypropoxy)-2-hydroxypropyl esters
91995-87-8 295-351-1Fatty acids, C8-10, magnesium salts
91995-88-9 295-352-7Fatty acids, C16-18, mixed diesters with acetic acid&propylene glycol
91995-89-0 295-353-2Fatty acids, C16-18, mixed diesters with citric acid&propylene glycol
91995-90-3 295-354-8Fatty acids, C16-18, mixed esters with lactic acid&propylene glycol
91995-91-4 295-355-3Fatty acids, C7-16, mixed esters with neopentyl glycol&trimethylolpropane
91998-52-6 295-356-94,5-dihydro-2-[[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]thio]-1H-imidazole monohydrobromide
92022-83-8 295-357-4N-(o-aminophenyl)-5-chloroanthranilic acidNc1ccccc1Nc2ccc(Cl)cc2C(=O)O
92044-80-9 295-359-5Phosphorous acid, phenyl tridecyl esterCCCCCCCCCCCCCOP(O)Oc1ccccc1
92044-81-0 295-360-0Fatty acids, C16-18, mixed esters with propylene glycol&tartaric acid
92044-82-1 295-361-6Fatty acids, C9-13-neo-, barium salts
92044-83-2 295-362-1Fatty acids, C9-13-neo-, potassium salts
92044-84-3 295-363-7Fatty acids, C9-13-neo-, zinc salts
92044-85-4 295-364-2Fatty acids, coco, Et esters
92044-86-5 295-365-8Fatty acids, coco, ethylene esters
92044-87-6 295-366-3Fatty acids, coco, 2-ethylhexyl esters
92044-88-7 295-367-9Fatty acids, coco, 2-hydroxyethyl esters
92044-89-8 295-368-4Fatty acids, coco, lead salts
92044-90-1 295-370-5Fatty acids, corn-oil, 3-methylbutyl esters
92044-91-2 295-371-0Fatty acids, C8-10, oxybis(2-hydroxy-3,1-propanediyl) esters
92044-92-3 295-372-6Fatty acids, C16-18, oxybis(2-hydroxy-3,1-propanediyl) esters
92044-93-4 295-373-1Fatty acids, C16-18, strontium salts
92044-94-5 295-374-7Fatty acids, lanolin, esters with cholesterol-low lanolin alcs.
92044-95-6 295-375-2Fatty acids, lanolin, tetraesters with sorbitol
92044-96-7 295-376-8Fatty acids, olive-oil
92044-97-8 295-377-3Fatty acids, olive-oil, barium salts
92044-98-9 295-378-9Fatty acids, olive-oil, calcium salts
92044-99-0 295-379-4Fatty acids, olive-oil, Et esters
92045-00-6 295-381-5Fatty acids, palm kernel-oil, Et esters
92045-01-7 295-382-0Fatty acids, palm kernel-oil, 3-methylbutyl esters
92045-02-8 295-383-6Fatty acids, rape-oil, barium salts
92045-03-9 295-384-1Fatty acids, rape-oil, Et esters
92045-04-0 295-385-7Fatty acids, safflower-oil, 2,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-propanediyl esters
92045-05-1 295-386-2Fatty acids, safflower-oil, triesters with pentaerythritol
92045-06-2 295-387-8Fatty acids, sunflower-oil, 2,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-propanediyl esters
92045-07-3 295-388-3Fatty acids, sunflower-oil, triesters with pentaerythritol
92045-08-4 295-389-9Fatty acids, tall-oil, C12-15-branched alkyl esters
92045-09-5 295-390-4Fatty acids, tall-oil, Et esters
92045-10-8 295-392-5Fatty acids, wool grease, [4,5-dihydro-4-(hydroxymethyl)-2-norwool grease alkyl-4-oxazolyl]methyl esters
92045-11-9 295-393-0Fatty acids, wool grease, (2-norwool grease alkyl-4(5H)-oxazolylidene)bis(methylene) esters
92045-12-0 295-394-6Foots oil (petroleum), hydrotreated
92045-13-1 295-395-1Sulfuric acid, reaction products with benzothiophene, formaldehyde&naphthalene, residues
92045-14-2 295-396-7Fuel oil, heavy, high-sulfur
92045-15-3 295-397-2Gases (petroleum), gas oil diethanolamine scrubber off
92045-16-4 295-398-8Gases (petroleum), gas oil hydrodesulfurization effluent
92045-17-5 295-399-3Gases (petroleum), gas oil hydrodesulfurization purge
92045-18-6 295-400-7Gases (petroleum), hydrogenator effluent flash drum off
92045-19-7 295-401-2Gases (petroleum), naphtha steam cracking high-pressure residual
92045-20-0 295-402-8Gases (petroleum), residue visbreaking off
92045-21-1 295-403-3Gases (petroleum), steam-cracked butadiene ext.
92045-22-2 295-404-9Gases (petroleum), steam-cracker C3-rich
92045-23-3 295-405-4Hydrocarbons, C4, steam-cracker distillate
92045-24-4 295-407-5Gas oils (petroleum), hydrotreated light vacuum
92045-26-6 295-408-0Gas oils (petroleum), light vacuum, solvent-dewaxed
92045-27-7 295-409-6Gas oils (petroleum), solvent-refined light vacuum
92045-28-8 295-410-1Gas oils (petroleum), straight-run, sulfurized
92045-29-9 295-411-7Gas oils (petroleum), thermal-cracked, hydrodesulfurized
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